Shannon Van Deren – Owner/President

Shannon has been a dedicated proponent of the use and integration of various Additive processes withing a variety of vertical markets since 2010. Within Additive Manufacturing community, Shannon has achieved success primarily through the development of strong customer relationship and strategic alliances. She is working with clients to discover innovative technologies and ideas, identify unique applications, achieve cost savings, accelerate time to market, lower tooling/assembly needs.

Shannon started her career in Additive Manufacturing in 2010. She has since worked in software, parts-on-demand, project management, sales/support for patient-specific products and consulting for operating rooms.

She has served as the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Medical Track Leader and Industry Liaison since 2015. She received the Distinguished Innovators Award (DINO) in 2017.

Vice President, AMUG
Medical Advisor:  SME
Editorial Advisor:  AM Metal Magazine